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H2 awarded Troops to Teachers Most Efficient Organization (TTT MEO) to support DANTES

September 30, 2015
The DANTES Troops to Teachers Program is a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) program that functions to recruit and aid eligible transitioning Service members into a new career as teachers in public, charter, and Bureau Funded K-12 schools where their skills, knowledge, and experience are most needed. Currently, TTT’s National Office and a network of TTT State/Regional Offices cover all U.S. States and Territories. Each TTT Office provides specific information about certification and employment opportunities under the TTT Program and help participants navigate and meet state certification requirements. Officials in the National Office oversee activities of the State/Regional Offices; manage the program budget and expenditures; gather, validate, consolidate, and manage applicant and participant data; and issue program-related payments. Over the next 5 months, our H2 team, Mark Nissley and Parker Addy, will be working intimately with the TTT leadership at the National Office in Pensacola to develop a new TTT program business model to include a fast-paced, multi-step business strategy, analysis and re-engineering process with the hope that such a model will advance the TTT Program and position it for greater success in the future.

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